Do Aliens Really Exist? – Where Did They Come From? – Why Are They Here?

Do Aliens Really Exist? – Where Did They Come From? – Why Are They Here?

We are apparently residing at an at once, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilation and Alien Encounters are on the ascent. The chance of extraterrestrial life is by all accounts on the personalities of millions of individuals. Are there extraterrestrial civic establishments across the immense Milky Way cosmic system? Is it true that we are truly alone? Are there simply a ton of mysterious hypotheses? So the inquiry is, do Aliens truly exist and assuming this is the case why they are here and where did they come from?


Many feel that Aliens exist in light of the fact that, for what else would be the reason for the earth to be the focal point of the universe. There are many reports, examination, and speculations against hard proof records of endless photos, instrument readings, outsider experiences, UFO locating, flattened crops and dairy cattle mutilations so there is no question of their reality. So what is the secret behind these extraterrestrial creatures? Where did they come from and what is it that they truly care about?


Who Are the Aliens?


The secret behind these Aliens goes past the hard proof of their ongoing presence. I will unfurl where they came from in light of the fact that that will assist us with providing them their actual recognize and their motivation. This will likewise address the central issue which is: Is there truly life on different planets like Mars and so on?


I momentarily covered the logical exploration of Alien and UFO peculiarities so presently we are going to the actual foundations of their starting point. This beginning beginnings toward the dawn of history which was at the fall of Satan and the Watchers. These Watchers are likewise knows as Fallen Angels who made a vow with Satan. They decide to walk thei How to join the illuminati ith Satan and provided up their jumping request with God. These Watchers are the Fallen Angels, which the world calls Aliens today. The Fallen Angels overstepped Gods regulation and lived among us. God had restricted them and they became mortal, outlandish and repulsive animals.


1 Enoch 12:4 “at that point the Watchers were calling me. Also, they shared with me, “Enoch, copyist of honorableness, proceed to spread the word for the Watchers of paradise who have deserted the high paradise, the sacred timeless spot, and have contaminated themselves with ladies, as their deeds move the offspring of the world, and have taken unto themselves spouses: They have debased themselves with extraordinary pollution upon the earth.”


The above sacred text is a statement from the book of Enoch. Enoch is a man who lived before Noah’s Flood who God took up to the seventh paradise and delighted the secrets of the lofty position. Enoch never saw passing. So how did the Fallen Angels become Aliens in UFOs? The speedy straightforward response is they deserted the high paradise, the heavenly everlasting spot. Presently we should investigate these Fallen Angels when Noah’s Flood which will permits us to all the more likely distinguish them.


  • Before Noah’s Flood these Fallen Angels as a team with Satan chose to take the earth for themselves. They had youngsters known as the monsters. Their 400,000 monster kids fabricated urban communities of innovation like Atlantis. They had an entomb layered metropolitan culture with class design and nobility as well as brotherhoods, sovereignty and abundance amassing. They likewise had a worldwide mining project, DNA and hereditary designing and interbreeding program, high level engineering, and the dismissed secrets which deluded the bodily psyche.


  • Before the flood God reviled the seed of these Fallen Angels and eliminated their climbing powers. God additionally brought battle between their kids. It was Noah’s Flood that obliterated and destroyed the Fallen Angels first heritage. The flood stripped them of everything, it annihilated their urban communities and youngsters as well as the entirety of their landmarks, abundance, culture, and dedication. In the times of Noah they mistreated and polluted humanity by crowding food and placing man into subjugation.


  • After the flood the Fallen Angels first heritage was destroyed as well as they had their command abilities was taken out by God. That implies they could never again climb to paradise and they became humans. So they created UFO-Anti-gravity advances or travel innovations so they can go starting with one aspect then onto the next and oppose earth’s gravity.


  • After the flood there was a re-disease of mankind by outsider kidnappings. Their vindictive plan is to evade God’s revile upon humanity by delivering a hereditary race of half breeds to supplant humanity and endure the Tribulation.


By understanding the secrets of Enoch we can lay out the association between the ties of these peculiarities of Aliens, Crop Circles and UFOs to Bible prescience of the Fallen Angels who are the Watchers. In additional perusing the secrets of Enoch we can more comprehend what these Fallen Angels found in humanity that they so much sought after.

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