The Best Source of Light

 The Best Source of Light


Hello Family,

Here’s another back in the day story.

When I was young, all of the kids in the neighborhood played outside especially in the summe garden bollard lights

r time. We didn’t really have much of a choice because there were no video games, Internet, or cable television with 300 plus channels. Plus our parents didn’t allow us to stay in the house. We had to go outside and play.

A lot of parents also had this one rule that their kids had to abide by. At a certain time, you had to go in the house.

When it got late and it started to get dark, you knew what was coming. “Hey man, I have to go. The street lights are on.”

Oh yeah, ya’ll remember those kids. Or maybe you were one of them. As soon as the street lights came on, you were running home to get in the house.

I had it good though. I didn’t have to go in the house when the street lights came on. I just had to be in sight so when my parents did tell me to come in, they could see me from the house. BUT I STAYED OUT AFTER THE STREET LIGHTS CAME ON.

I guess parents were concerned about what could happen in the dark. Maybe a kid could possibly get hit by a car that didn’t see them. Or maybe someone could snatch them up and abduct them.

I don’t know. I guess most parents just had a bad feeling about the darkness.

1 Thessalonians 5:5 (NIV) says You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.

As a son of the light and son of the day, darkness has nothing to do with you. You are protected by Jesus because He is the light of the world.



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