Stun Guns – How to Stop an Attacker in His Tracks



What is a Stun Gun? All things considered, most importantly it’s anything but a weapon in customary terms since it shoots nothing. A Stun Gun is a non-deadly electronic gadget that gives a high voltage – low amperage shock. One touch to an aggressor and he will be halted abruptly.


The voltage of a Stun Gun is as a rule somewhere in the range of 80,000 and 1 million volts. The higher the voltage the more   308 amo   compelling the gadget is in bringing down the miscreant..


1,000 milliamps (1 amp) can kill an individual. Low amperage, nonetheless, lesserly affects people. Most Stun Guns just utilize 2-5 milliamps. This joined with the high voltage will provide the aggressor with the ‘shock of his life’ and quickly handicap him. It will not, notwithstanding, kill the aggressor or result in him with any long-lasting harm.


Whenever you push the pronged finish of the Stun Gun against an assailant and press the trigger an electrical charge passes into his body. This causes moment disablement from the Stun Gun and this, not aggravation, is the fundamental impact from the shock.


At the point when you contact an assailant with a Stun Gun the shock makes the body immediately go through all the glucose that the muscles depend on for energy, in this way making it extremely difficult to move. What’s more, it doesn’t make any difference where you contact the aggressor since there are muscles all around our body. So this implies that only one touch will make the assailant’s muscles won’t work and gives you an opportunity to get away and call 911.


The timeframe that a Stun Gun keeps in touch with the assailant will figure out what impact will happen. One second contact will alarm the aggressor and cause muscle constrictions. A few seconds makes him drop to the ground, bewildered. At least three seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and muscle control and complete mental disarray and bewilderment. These impacts are non-deadly and can endure as long as 15 minutes with no drawn out impacts.


A Stun Gun can be utilized again and again since it runs on a battery. Indeed, even a posse of hooligans get the thought not to screw with many you put the subsequent assailant down!


One significant inquiry everybody appears to have is ‘might I at any point get stunned assuming that I’m contacting the aggressor’? The response is no on the grounds that the electrical charge that comes from the Stun Gun is spent in the muscles of the aggressor. This truly intends that there isn’t sufficient power avoided for the accuse to return of regard to his body and into yours.


Immobilizers come in different sizes and shapes. A come little to the point of being concealed by your hand, some are bended, some straight and some even seem to be phones or electric lamps. Most models have a security change to forestall incidental initiation.

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